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Events, instances and raids

Turbine point grinds

If you have any alt on which you grind , list it bellow so we can grind together .
Member avatar small Mahalleinir 359d
Mahalleinir143Member avatar small Mahalleinir 359d
Events, instances and raids

Instance Sunday

Should we start doing regular instances every Sunday? Something along the lines of what we did last week? Try and get as many kin members, fill in the gaps with guys from wc and possibly recruit some of them too?
Member avatar small Belegdannaran 1y
Belegdannaran376Member avatar small Hendalorin Blackfyre 1y
Events, instances and raids

Next event

How about an Annuminas run event for Thursday 6th October 2016?
Member avatar small Hendalorin Blackfyre 1y
Hendalorin Blackfyre4109Member avatar small Belegdannaran 1y
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